27 April , 2020
Agricultural carnival in Nedousa

In Nedousa, in the southern Peloponnese, an agricultural carnival takes place every year on Clean Monday (Kathari Deftera). This custom has its roots in antiquity according to descriptions by the poet Hesiodos. It is a kind of “popular theatre” consisting of a series of acts “performed” by a group of people dressed up as goats with bells around their waists to ward off evil spirits, and secure good luck and prosperity for the village.
Villagers dressed as goatherds with soot blackened faces take part in a Pagan, rites of spring, festival held in the village of Nedousa in the Taygetos mountains, Messinia, Peloponnese, Greece
Apart from being an ancient ritual, what really makes this carnival unique is its interaction with the visitors, who are invited to take actively part in all the acts, to put on traditional disguises, and to celebrate as the ancient sounds of daoúli and floyéra echo throughout this evergreen village. Join in an interactive spectacle in which you mingle with the locals, follow ancient ceremonies, taste Lenten delights absolutely free of charge, and drink “koutsavítiko” (a Greek varietal) wine!