Wedding photos in Rome

15 January , 2019

“That which does not kill us makes us stronger”, Nietzsche famously stated.
For George and Fay, the distance between the prominent cities of London and
Rome, was not enough to dissipate the urge of becoming a unit.
Rome was both the city the fell in love in, as well as the city they fell in love with.
Needless to say the wedding had to take place there, for this would complete their own, unique circle.
For me personally, Rome was love at first sight, as I had never before laid my eyes up close, in this museum of a city.
Due to the scorching heat that was affecting most of southern Europe at the time,
most of the photo session was done under the night sky.
That gave me the opportunity to rethink how the dark of the night, can bring forth the subject of each and every image.
In the end, the result was as spectacular as one would imagine, with the capital
of this ancient republic and our loving couple all embedded into timeless shots.

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