A day in Mykonos island

20 May , 2019

The Island of the Winds, as Mykonos is informally known,
is arguably and unequivocally one of the world’s top destinations.
For lucky Apostolis and Maria, this is their year round home, and they seem to cherish
every last moment they’re blessed to experience.While bustling with life in the summer,
spring time Mykonos still retains all that make it the place to be, less the people.
Our senses were delightfully treated to the wonderful aroma of countless blooming
flowers, the endless vistas of the Aegean sea against the picturesque villages .
During our pre-wedding photo shoot,we wandered through the whitewashed alleys
that are dotted with houses built close together originally to defend from pirates.
We roamed the countryside to incorporate the poster card-perfect windmills turned museums,
into our timeless shots.
We went high up to witness the celebrated sunset and the majestic light that
comes with it, and to see how the intricacies of this remarkable land, are bound together.
All in all, really not much a photography minded person can ask for.
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