A Canadian wedding in Kalamata

28 December , 2018

I could share an untold number of stories that exemplify the humility,
humorous nature and countless virtues possessed by Thanos and Chrissa,
as we have now grown close friends, but I won’t. Instead,
I’ll give you a glimpse of how one of their lives’ most important day got to be.
As if taken straight out of a fairytale, their story began when they were children,
for they met during one of Chrissa’s summer visits in her father’s Greek village.
What transpired was nothing less, or more, than two childhood friends,
seeing the beauty and character blossom of each other,
and deciding they want to spend the rest of their lives together.
In the days leading to the big date, people were departing from several cities
around the Earth, to witness the Sacrament of Marriage between our loving couple.
Chrissa, being the detail oriented perfectionist of a person that she is,
wanted to make sure everything was just ideal.
Ktima Foifa, the party venue, was the perfect match for her high standards.
It, effectively, contains its own ecosystem with a bio diversity that is matched by,
in some cases, entire forests. From recycling to repurposing and anything in
between, with the ultimate aim being to leave as tiny of a footprint as
possible on our planet, Ktima Foifa has been leading the way on preserving all that
we so dearly treasure.
Surrounded by love and affection, Thanos, the ever charming gentleman with
a kind smile, and Chryssa, the approachable good mannered beautiful
woman from Canada, made this a memorable affair for every single one of us.

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