antonis panitsas

Antonis Panitsas

Born and raised in Aigio, a small sundrenched city by the sea, little did he  know that, in 2004, the days he spent on an isolated coral beach of an unspoiled Caribbean island, would give birth to a passion that would be his driving force thereafter, taking him to pristine tropical rainforests in Central America, steaming lowland jungles of southeast Asia, medieval cities across Europe and stunning Greek scenery that takes your breath away.

Photography is more than a passion, it’s a lifelong obsession. Regardless of where his travels take him, he never ceases looking for ways to incorporate the beauty of humans into the magical scenery he encompasses.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and an inspired mind can see beauty everywhere.

Making each individual feel their own unique beauty and then capture that very feeling through his lens, is simply a matter of the aforementioned inspiration as well as personal dedication.


  • Thank you so very much for capturing every priceless moment of our lives' most beautiful day. You're not just an excellent photographer, but a wonderful person as well who truly loves the art of photography. The result of that love is evident in every single one of your frames
  • The fact that Antonis' talent is surpassed by none and the depth of knowledge he has acquired over the years, is evident even in the tiniest sample of his extraordinary work. Our very own experience from our son's christening was one of immense beauty, given that, due to his impeccable aesthetic perception as well as professionalism, we did not have to intervene at any point of the entire process with the result being immaculate and our expectation exceeded. We thank you kindly and truly hope that in the future you will capture more of our joyful moments
  • A wonderful human being, a surreal photographer, always professional. Always with a smile across his face. A charismatic and charming individual. His photographs make your mind wonder. He might have been the photographer of our wedding, but he has since become our hearts’ photographer and good friend.